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When Tony Sanders set up Sanders Associates he had two aims. The first was to bring his wide-ranging engineering experience and technical knowledge to problem areas and finding solutions. That covers developing new product concepts from the earliest point at which a need for assistance is spotted, through to solving technical and cost problems on products which are in development. It can extend to products in current production. This is the very least you would require of any top-level independent consultancy.

However, his second goal was to not only to give the client what they expect, but also push the barriers of their expectations. Extend the boundaries of what is thought to be possible. View problems laterally. Thinking outside the box in modern-day parlance.

Turn ideas on their heads. Industry-changing ideas. Ideas that might end up in London’s prestigious Science Museum, like Black & Decker’s world-renowned cordless drill.

Sanders Associates has often opened up fresh markets for clients because our approach has produced totally new products which go beyond the original one we were called into to rectify. Our role is not just to solve your problems, but create new avenues that we can explore together, especially if there are no concept drivers in your development department.

We call this adding value. Some clients have happily accused us of over-delivering on our promise. To this we plead guilty.