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We are small and flexible for a reason. We want our clients to get the best and, in our experience, size can get in the way of quality design and technical excellence needed to produce products that sell. If you’ve been there before you’ll know that you’re not always dealing directly with those responsible for moving your product forward. How many outside people do you need in a room to create a great product? Initially one consultant should do. How many come on board after that depends on the size, complexity or timescale of a project. What should never happen is not being able to talk directly with the person charged with handling your project and solving your problems.

Getting information, ideas and feedback straight from the horse’s mouth ensures clarity of communication, unambiguous interpretation and speed of action. This is how we work, how our clients like to work and, we’re sure, how you want to work. Utter transparency from beginning to end. That is the Sanders Associates’ culture.

Our size also allows us the flexibly to bring in specialised talents when and where they are needed. No round pegs in square holes just because they are on the company’s payroll. You get the experts you need, who will work closely with your team, but always answerable to your Sanders Associates consultant. And he’s directly answerable to you. As a recipe for success it works.