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At Sanders Associates Ltd., we believe that high value products will always sell whatever is happening in the marketplace. Where companies go wrong is that they sit out hard times and spend less on development - or even put product ideas on the back-burner. History has shown that it is a mistake. If you don’t act, your competitors will.

Or it might be a wise move to anticipate the market and be ready for when the inevitable upturn occurs. It boils down to one thing. Confidence. Since we opened our doors in 1994, an impressive list of clients have placed their confidence in our innovative, instinctive and in-depth approach to product design, engineering and manufacture - in the fields of leisure, consumer, automotive, medical and industrial.

Above all, in difficult trading conditions, they look for new ideas to open up new markets. Fortunately, we are never short of them. And we take ideas and push them through development hell and turn them into products that sell.